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What is Han Mu Do?


Han Mu Do is a comprehensive martial arts system comprised of the study of empty hand techniques, the study of weapons and philosophy. HMD was created by Dr. He-Young Kimm in 1989, after more than forty years of training and research in Korean martial arts systems. He sought to integrate the techniques and philosophies of these styles with new and innovative techniques into a single balanced integrated system. HMD achieves balance between empty hand and weapon technique, techniques powered by ergonomic movement, physical strength and ki power and techniques of the left and right side of the body. The largest division of the HMD system uses basic kicking and striking, sweeps and throws, joint manipulation for pain compliance, and choking techniques in self defense oriented situations. HMD is taught through an organized curriculum that allows the student to progress at their own pace and fully understand the requirements to advance in rank and skill.

We seek to develop several positive attributes in our students through martial arts training. Self discipline is developed through the desire to learn and execute the techniques required to advance in rank. Respect for self and others is taught and reinforced through traditional martial arts customs such as bowing, referring to the instructors and each other as sir or ma’am, and proper wear of the uniform. Physical strength, flexibility, and self confidence are developed through learning the martial skills to defend yourself and others from physical attack. And one of our most important goals is to make Han Mu Do fun to learn and practice!

Modern Studio


We are well equipped school and will provide every student with a positive learning environment.

We emphasize safety and learning through all of the complexities of Han Mu Do, so students can grow into the successes martial arts can bring to their lives.

Our Philosophy


Our mission is to create an atmosphere of self-discovery and personal growth through the techniques and practices set forth by the World Hanmudo Association. An atmosphere which increases physical fitness & self-defense skill, encourages the foundation of high personal standards, and empowers our students with control over self (body, mind, and spirit), thus enabling them to live a happier and more successful life. We place a strong emphasis on discipline and respect for kids, stress relief and fitness for adults and a fun place for the entire family to train together. We look forward to serving you.

Founder of Han Mu Do

Dr. He-Young Kim


He-Young Kimm was born in Su Won County near Seoul, Korea in 1940 to a family who traditionally emphasized the pen and the sword. Due to the family's genealogy and the great number of physical hardships that his ancestors had suffered, Dr. Kimm's parents stressed the importance of not just education but also the rigorous traditional capability to fight and preserve life. This was the environment and philosophy that has influenced him throughout his life.

In Korea a successful man is defined by three criteria: 1) You must come from a good family background. 2) You must come from the right geographical area. 3) You must graduate from the right high school and university. This has been a long tradition in the Korean culture. After receiving the proper education, you required proper connections for your future. This connection comes from people of the same blood lines, people who came from the same geographical area, and also from people who graduated from the same high school and university. Without these connections, it is very difficult to become a successful man in Korea. This tradition is still a very dominant factor in Korea even today.

 The knowledge that Dr. Kimm has accumulated over the last forty years through various grandmasters and personal experiences have been immense. From this knowledge and experience, Dr. Kimm has create a new system of Korean martial art which he calls Han Mu Do. This was not the first name that Dr. Kimm has called this art. The first name he used was Yuj Kwon Sul which means "art of throws and punches." This name was strongly recommended by Grandmaster Suk In-hyuk because this name had been popular in the 1950's. Grandmaster Ji Han-jae favored the name Han Mu Yuh Kwon Sul which means the Korean Martial Art of Throws and Punches. For a while, it was called Han Mu Yuh Kwon Sul. Some groups from Ki training schools did not like the use of "Mu" because it meant "martial arts" and they considered that the Ki training contained in Han MU Do was more than martial arts training. Therefore, they called it Han Do, which means "way of Korean martial arts." Finally, in 1991, Dr. Kimm decided to call the art Han Mu Do.


Biography of Dr. He-Young Kimm: Copyright (c) 1998-2003  


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